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Dear Customers:

It is my honor to introduce the Fiscal Year 2018 Annual Report of the Lawrence County Health Department.  2018 was a year of unprecedented change in the provision of health care for our country.  As we look at many of the issues ahead, a common theme emerges – the role of public health.  Everything from poverty to climate change to gun violence to social justice can all be addressed from a public health lens.  2018 underscored the critical importance of the power of public health.  More than ever, we are encouraged to continue to find innovative strategies that promote/support public health.   
The Lawrence County Health Department’s ability to successfully navigate the complex public health landscape has helped us earn a reputation of excellence.  And while we have the expertise and credentials, we also bring creativity, collaboration and discipline to everything we do.  In 2018, our 65 employees worked together to accomplish the following achievements:

  • Developed 4.125 million dollar annual operating budget

  • Installed new phone system
  • Signed contract with Good Samaritan Hospital for their provision of a Psychiatric NP two days per week to serve our clients in Behavior Health
  • Provided mental health services for over 500 clients at any given time
  • Treated approximately 170 patients per week through the three providers in the Rural Health Clinic
  • Provided services for approximately 20 clients each day through our Psychosocial Service Programming via the Ivy Center
  • Made 10,228 home care visits by Home Health Department staff in Fiscal Year 2018
  • Purchased and used three handwashing stations to promote the number one way to prevent the spread of infections
  • Administered 1800 influenza vaccinations, including 200 at our “drive-through flu clinic”
  • Provide services to a caseload of 330-370 Women, Infants, Children (WIC) clients at any time
  • Provide nursing care to 15-20 inmates at the Lawrence County Jail at any given time
  • Established “milk clinic” for nursing mothers to donate extra breast milk, to be assayed and utilized in hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Units
  • Inspected all food and liquor establishments in Lawrence County, to ensure that sanitation and legal requirements were met

This year, we also utilized our Key Stakeholders (Board Members, Staff of the Lawrence County Health Department; Clients of the Health Center; Community Citizens) to revise our Mission Statement, develop our Vision Statement and Core Values.  These three elements are collectively referred to as our M/V/V.

  • Mission Statement - The Mission of the Lawrence County Health Department is the prevention and treatment of illness and the promotion of community health.

  • Vision Statement - Complete Wellness:  Mind, Body and Community
  • Core Values – Teamwork; Integrity; Commitment; Respect; Accountability

As I write this message, we are also planning our first-ever Strategic Planning Retreat, to be held on November 3, 2018.  At that Retreat, to ensure we are all headed in the right direction, we are going to develop our roadmap (Strategic Plan) for the future:  Objectives; Plans to achieve them; Measures of Success.  Key Stakeholders will also participate in this Strategic Planning Process.

The Lawrence County Health Department continues to grow and evolve to meet the changing needs of our communities.  We have set the bar high as we work to extend our reach into the counties we serve, while incorporating our M/V/V into everything we do to make a world where tomorrow is healthier than today.

Thank you for your trust in us.  It is our privilege to serve you.

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